Monday, July 12, 2010

Midnight Tournament @ Bay 101

welcome to my new poker blog! I was getting tired of switching back and forth between accounts so I condensed it into one login with my other blog.

Bay 101 midnight tournament with starting stack 10,000. 30+ players.

I came into the tournament not expecting to play tight, but it's what I ended up doing after making a few bad plays that I thought at the time were good and lost half my stack near the first break. I was also folding a lot on the flop and basically letting the table run over me.

Then I started adjusting strategies and limped in with strong hands to set traps.

Here are some hands I remember:

Hand one: In the big blind. UTG goes all in and gets a caller who also goes all in. Folded to me and I see pocket 9's. I figure I gamble as I was not going to survive if I kept folding hands at this blind level. I was up against A 6 suited and pocket Queens! But flop comes out 9 6 6 and I win the three-way pot!


Hand two: I received pocket queens UTG and decided to only call. Button also calls and little blind raises it up. I smooth call as does button. Flop comes out J 6 8 and we all check. Turn comes a Q and we check to the button who bets. Little blind raises it and I smooth call with my full house. Button folds. River comes out blank and little blind checks. I go all-in and he insta-calls with Aces. I win!


Hand three: Pocket 10's UTG and only call. Button, little and big blind all come to see the flop. Little blind goes all in on a flop of 7 8 2. Big blind folds and I call. He shows K 8 and misses the rest. I win!


I had slightly above average and was playing pretty tight until we got to the final table. Blinds were getting high and my average stack was bleeding and had no choice but to push all-in preflop. Always had one caller and I won every race even though I was behind. I was getting really lucky and put some brutal bad beats.

Pretty much I had not bluffed any hands at all right after the first break. I had only betted when I thought I was ahead.

Before I knew it, we were three handed and I was chip leader. We decided to make a deal and chop it three ways. While technically I was first, I will never know how it would have ended, but still happy for the win.

It sure made the drive home at 5am bearable.